Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Andre Agassi Open: An Autobiography Book Review

Growing up in the late eighties and early nineties, Agassi was always a figure who stole the limelight for both the right and wrong reasons.
   Following the top players progress from tournament to tournament (which of course meant Agassi as well), I always wondered what went behind the scenes and what top players went through being constantly in the limelight.
   Open, when I first got wind of its release, was thought to be by me, and many others, to be another fake and "tailored to readers wants" biographies intended to generate more money from a retired player's legacy.
    Open, however, turned out to be a very honest, (cant be 100% sure about that, but it feels that  what is written is the truth most times) account of what a very talented, yet confused Agassi went through in his playing days.
    Accounts of feuds and rivalries (Sampras, Becker etc), despair (failed romances, injuries and losses) as well as triumphs and key life changing moments are all part of a rollercoaster ride that is written very well and is definitely worth a read for all tennis fans, not just fans of mr Agassi himself.

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